The Ask

Accelerate revenue via organic and paid search. United Artworks has long been an exciting destination for new and inspired art, photography and decor at fantastic prices. With increased competition United Artworks needed a marketing strategy to keep them ahead of the competition.





Our Approach

As this is a very competitive market, lots of research was completed before the SEO and Google ads campaigns launched. Once we had done an in-depth competitor analysis we knew what we had to do for United Artworks to rank organically above the competition and get that number position for Google Ads. We made sure we experimented with ad extensions, copy and all the latest Google ad techniques to give United Artworks 10x return.


United Artworks products have been featured on the number one renovation TV show The Block. With their products available through The Block Shop. United Artworks has established itself as a trusted source for quality and design driven artworks.


Once optimised, tweaked, experiments completed the Google ads campaign consistently generated 10x return. With United Artworks often ranking at the top of impression share against competitors.

Since launching the new website with a new URL in December 2021. United Artworks has 8 keywords ranked 1 in Google search results, 10 keywords in the top 3 and 31 keywords in the top 10.