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Email marketing isn’t dead. On the contrary, it is one of the few channels you can use to build an authentic connection with customers that keep our businesses alive.

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Problems we solve

Low Customer Engagement and Retention

We can create email marketing campaigns that feature products or services, encourage customers to purchase after abandoning their cart or deliver special offers to your customers.

Additionally, you can use email marketing to automate part of your sales process, which can help
increase sales.

Slow sales

Connect with your customers by collecting their emails and getting their consent to include them in your email advertising campaigns. Promotional emails are perfect avenues for educating your audience and presenting your offers without being too pushy or intrusive.

Low traffic

With email marketing campaigns, you can send traffic to your site and improve your SEO. Plus, you can keep your audience engaged with your brand and your website.

You are 6x more likely to get traffic from emails than from tweets, and 99% of consumers still check their email every day, with over half of them checking at least ten times a day.


Reaching the Right People at the Right Time.

Email marketing makes it easier to reach people as people constantly check their email. In addition, people can check their emails any time, across multiple devices, which can increase your chances of success for any marketing campaign.

Email marketing gets your message in front of your audience regularly, so your business is always top-of-mind.

Regarding the best time to send your email campaign, Generally, the highest click-to-open rates are 10 AM at 21%, 1 PM at 22%, and spike near 6 PM. This data reflects when most audiences begin or conclude their day and have the most time to check their emails.

Cost-effective Campaigns

Email campaigns are much more cost-effective than the time it takes to produce a TV or print campaign.

With its high ROI, you can reap the rewards from a successful email campaign.

Because of the low upfront cost of email marketing, the return on investment (ROI) from email marketing is higher than, say, direct mail, where you have to pay a designer, a printer, postage, etc. Plus, direct mail takes forever to reach your customers. On the other hand, sending emails to your contacts is instantaneous.

More Value to your Audience

One of your main goals should be to provide value for your audience. Email marketing will keep them coming back.

Email marketing is a great way to create loyal customers because you can provide them with value even when customers aren’t purchasing.

Since customers or prospects opted-in, you can use email marketing to provide more resources to contacts interested in what you have to say.

If you continuously provide value for your audience, more people will pay attention, and you’ll produce a higher ROI.

Our Approach

We begin by analysing your database. What are the demographics? How and why did users sign up for your newsletter? How often do they open your emails? What do they click on?

We will create a customised email marketing playbook based on your customer base providing all the data we have collected and analysed, including segmentation of your lists based on each lead’s customer lifecycle stage value. This will help shape the tone of our messaging and how frequently we should send out emails to the different segments in your email database.

To ensure that emails are getting into your subscriber’s inboxes, we’ll look into cleaning up your existing database.

We’ll come up with the click-worthy headline and create the copy that explains the value of your product or service and encourages readers to take action.

Few people want to read an email that gives them a wall of text, and we will create visuals that will help readers quickly understand the point of the email.

We will track and measure open rates, click-through rates and bounce rates, so you know how effectively your campaign has performed.

Are you a good fit for our email marketing service?


You enjoy a collaborative approach to working with agencies.


You are responsive and available for quick approvals.


You are willing to invest and scale your strategy as needed.


You're open to testing new strategies and content types.


You have clear, realistic goals or you're willing to work collaboratively to discover and define them.



We discuss the project objective and scope


We send you a detailed proposal


You accept the proposal and make an initial payment


We begin our research, audits and strategy development


Housekeeping - cleaning up the database


Content Creation


Campaign Launch


Tracking and Reporting

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