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Videos are now essential to any successful marketing strategy. With Above Digital’s video production services, your brand can become a source of education and information that captivates viewers and drives sales.

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Better conversion rates
  • Higher quality leads
  • Audience retention
  • Improve audience trust

Problems we solve


Low Website Traffic

Videos not only boosts SEO results — it also fuels your other marketing efforts.  Anyone who’s serious about marketing knows you can’t win at SEO without a killer video content strategy. In fact, the foundation of organic search is effective video creation, and it should be part of  your focus if you want to drive more web traffic to your company website.


Lack of Social Media Management

Social media is increasingly becoming a visual playground. With platforms like YouTube and TikTok already making waves, Instagram and Facebook have joined the party – driving up engagement with native video uploads. Even other social networks without their own tools are getting in on the action, recognising that vlogging can be an incredibly powerful form of marketing.


Not Enough Leads

Establishing long-term relationships with potential customers is a key part of B2B lead generation. Top-of the funnel content such as videos are great for capturing consumers early in their decision making process to ensure that they make it all way down your sales pipeline.

Video Production

The world of business is shifting to embrace video production as a key tool for engaging with customers – and it’s happening faster than ever. It’s no longer an option, but instead essential in how we communicate.

With the emergence of video production, businesses are now able to actively converse and interact with their customers on an entirely different level – one that speaks louder than words.

Need a powerful punch in little time? Give your socials, websites, blogs and digital marketing spaces the boost they need with short videos that get right to the point. Make an impactful statement in just 15-60 seconds.

Brand Message

Show your audience how your brand can help transform their lives and make all the difference in everyday life.

Powerful brand videos are essential for businesses that want to grow their customer base and increase sales. With an innovative video, companies can make an indelible impression on viewers while conveying the unique qualities of what they offer – turning passive customers into enthusiastic purchasers in no time.

As a videographer, the goal isn’t to sell—it’s about showing your audience how you can enliven and enhance their lives. It’s not just about selling; it’s creating meaningful value.

How to video

Ready to give your video marketing strategy a boost? It turns out that customers are hungry for content that helps them learn how-to do something. Now you can make sure everyone from beginners taking their first foray into learning new skills and beyond will get precisely what they need with tailored instructional videos.

With our busy lives and the ever-expanding range of products out there, how-to searches are on the rise. Brands now have an amazing chance to shine by demonstrating their versatile product offerings through these relevant search queries.

Explainer video

Explainer videos have become the go-to for businesses looking to drive conversions, and it’s no wonder why. Research shows that including an explainer video on your website can boost conversion rates by up to 144%, which means you could see a significant increase in sales without doing much else! Where should these captivating clips be placed? On landing pages, homepages or product pages– anywhere someone is likely to take notice. Nowadays any serious business needs an Explainer Video; facts don’t lie– so get cracking.

Promotional video

Promotional videos are awesome storytelling tools that help companies share their message with the world. In just a few minutes, these crafty clips can not only educate viewers on products and services but also inspire or even entertain them! So why settle for anything less than captivating? Let your promo video be both effective and enjoyable – an irresistible combination.

Our Approach

A creative brief is an ultimate way to ensure a project runs smoothly. By providing key details and insight, designers can build an accurate understanding of expectations – avoiding any pesky miscommunications in the process.

To ensure that your needs are met – and exceeded! – our creative team don’t simply create with a vision, they conduct rigorous research to gain insight into the audience they’re creating for. By doing this, we guarantee an engaging customer experience tailored just right for you.

The creative team presents 3-5 ideas from their brainstorming and ideation phase, decide on which one you want to move forward with. This will make for a smooth creative workflow process that gets you the best results, fast.

With 10/50/99 feedback process strategically placed at key project stages, you’ll ensure that valuable guidance is given when it matters most.

After countless hours of hard work and dedication, the finished product is ready to go. It’s time to assemble all pieces and unleash this creative masterwork into the world.

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