Paid Seach Management


Pay-per-click (PPC), search engine advertising, Adwords or Google Ads. Whatever you call it, paid search remains one of the most cost-effective and scalable ways to grow your business by connecting with prospective customers already searching the web for the products or services you provide.

  • Generate leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Analyse competitors
  • Increase sales
  • Performance-oriented paid search
  • Digital geeks with 10+ years’ experience

Problems we solve



Paid search allows you to understand the collective behaviour of your competition. By using the right tools, we can learn who exactly you are competing with for consumers.


Slow sales & leads

With paid search, you can target the consumers most interested in your products and services. With this strategy, it brings more qualified traffic to your site and increases your odds of conversion.


Limited resources

While anyone can start running a Google Ads campaign, there’s a lot that goes into creating and optimising a high-performing campaign that works for your business.

Increase Sales

Paid search is an outstanding way to target the audience you need. This type of advertising provides immediate results because it targets those who are searching for a product or service such as yours and they will be more likely to convert into your clientele after seeing what you offer them on their screens.

Using paid search can help with any number of goals, from creating brand awareness all the way up through conversion rates by targeting exactly where you want your business’s message seen instead of waiting around in hopes that people stumble across it organically like some kind golden egg just sitting there waiting to be found!

Manage Spend And ROI

Some marketers consider paid search to be the ultimate control. You can manage your ROI in real time, as well as change ad copy and offers at any given moment—all of this without having to wait for a response from other channels like email or direct mail campaigns.

Some people might think that they have more power when it comes to managing their marketing strategies with paid search than nything else because you get all of these tools at your fingertips (such as being able make changes on the fly). When something feels urgent, there is nothing better!

Compete in the Market Place

So chances are, if you’re not doing paid search advertising your competitors will be and they’ll get a chunk of this eager traffic. If that doesn’t make you want to do it then consider the cost-benefit analysis; for every dollar spent on marketing there’s an average return of $2 in revenue.

You have to compete in the marketplace and be able to defend your position. Otherwise, you’ll end up giving away traffic with high intent-to-buy that will go straight into all of your competitors’ pockets!

Our Approach

  • Business analysis
  • Campaign strategy
  • KPI and goals established
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Ad writing
  • Tracking codes and tag manager setup
  • Account creation
  • Remarketing audience setup
  • Live Dashboard setup

  • Display campaign setup
  • Placement selection
  • Build ad creatives
  • Ad optimisation
  • ROI optimisation
  • Location and demographic optimisation

  • New keyword opportunities
  • Negative keywords
  • Test variations
  • Change underperforming creatives
  • Stabilise ROAS and scale ad spend
  • Keyword level budget optimisation to decrease cost per sale

  • Scale revenue
  • Ad variations
  • CPA optimisation
  • Bing Ads Expansion Research
  • Overall account audit & recommendations
  • Competitor landscape analysis (auction insights)
  • Annual reporting
  • Review business growth, KPIs and insights

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