Spotify Ads

Interact with potential customers in a personal way, both visually and aurally.

With 356 million Spotify users, your ads have the potential to be served to a large audience. In addition, Spotify users are more receptive to ads than radio listeners because the ads are more relevant and tailored.

  • Generate leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Analyse competitors
  • Increase sales
  • Performance-oriented paid social
  • Digital geeks with 10+ years’ experience

Problems we solve


Low Brand Awareness

A new study shows that Spotify is reaching more listeners than radio in the US and around the globe and adding significant incremental reach to other media channels. Spotify has 11.59M total monthly active users across Australia with around 60% on the ad addressable tier, giving brands
6.95M Aussies to target on Spotify every month.


Budget Restrictions

Spotify offers flexible advertising options. So there is something for all business budgets, no matter the size. You can get started with a monthly spend of as little as $250.


Lack of Resources

Above Digital is dedicated to staying on top of all the latest marketing techniques. We can jump in right away to help your business increase its brand awareness with a Spotify campaign. You are saving time and money to hire someone in-house.

Why Spotify Advertising?

With Spotify Advertising, you can deliver your message directly to your audience when they’re tuned into the podcasts and music they love.

Spotify ad formats are made to engage, not interrupt, so listeners are more receptive to ads than radio. The relevant, personalised content drives the attention that Spotify ad provides.

  • 59% of Spotify Free users explicitly say they pay more attention to advertising on Spotify than on the radio.
  • 51% of Spotify Free users say they pay more attention to ads on Spotify because they are more relevant or tailored.
  • Podcast advertising on Spotify drives attention: 71% of Spotify podcast listeners pay complete or most attention to advertising when listening.

Podcasts Are The New Primetime

Podcasts are now a part of peoples daily routines. For example, 25% of Spotify’s 356 million active users engage with podcasts content.

Covering anything from politics and sports to pop culture and investigative journalism, both influential media organisations and independent producers are embracing podcasts as a way to reach a highly engaged audience with long-form content.

60% of podcast listeners listen to a new episode of their favourite podcast within a day.

43% of people said they’re receptive to podcast ads. Compared to only 17% of listeners that said they’re receptive to TV ads.

Voiceover Actors That Sound Relatable To Your Target Audience.

Want to make a compelling audio ad? Something that hooks people in right out the gate. The script has to be convincing and attention-grabbing. It can help to mention the specific region that you’re advertising to. But the voiceover actors need to sound relatable to your target audience and authentic. People will tune out a cheesy-sounding stock standard radio voice ad.

Spotify Ad Studio creative tools and services include access to professional voice actors so that we can find a relatable voice for your target audience.

First, we will write a script. Next, we will add instructions for the voice actor to help them understand your ad’s emotion, tone, and speed.

We tell the voice actor who your target audience is and give them direction on how you want that audience to feel.

Spotify Ad Products

Spotify Ad products are made to engage your targeted audience, not interrupt, so listeners get a better experience and you get better results.

Reach your audience when they’re listening.

Audio ads allow your businesses to connect with your audience in moments when other digital media can’t. With Spotify, you can guarantee your message will be heard; Spotify delivers your ads when listeners are most receptive in a no swipe, no scroll environment.

Discover the value of sound-on Video Ads.

Video ads are only delivered during a listening session when the user is actively browsing through the catalogue to discover music and podcasts. Which means your ad is guaranteed to be seen and heard.

With other platforms, video ads are most of the time viewed while muted. On Spotify, listeners are engaging with their sound on, offering a valuable opportunity for your message to be seen and heard.

Sponsored Sessions initiate a 30-minute add-free listening session and is delivered only when the screens is in a view in a sound-on, 100% share-of-voice environment.

Video Takeover

Video Takeover ads are delivered during a listening session when the user is actively browsing through the catalogue to discover music and podcasts. The ads include a companion banner with a customisable call-to-action to help drive engagement. Remember, Video Takeover ads are delivered only when the screen is in view.

Podcast Ads

Reach listeners when they are tuned in.

People form a strong connection with their favourite podcasts and hosts. For you, that connection creates a unique opportunity to connect with people in a trusted, direct, and engaging media environment.

41% of podcast listeners trust ads more if they hear them during a podcast.

Our Approach

We begin by analysing your target market.

A few different variables can segment a target market. For example, consumers can be split by demographic, geographic, and behavioural factors.

Find your audience. Spotify Allows you to reach listeners by demographic, location, interests and activity targeting. We will refine and experiment with the elements of the audience targeting.

Device and Connectivity
Listening behaviours
Predicted Interest
Past Interactions

Depending on your goals and audience targeting, we will select the most suitable ad product for you. In some cases, this can be an experiment. Our in house content writers will write the script and work with the voice over actor to nail your message.

After all the research, targeting, and ad creation is complete, we will launch your campaign. We will measure the results and keep you updated on the performance and audience to track goals and optimise campaigns.

Are you a good fit for our Spotify advertising service?


You enjoy a collaborative approach to working with agencies.


You are responsive and available for quick approvals.


You are willing to invest and scale your strategy as needed.


You're open to testing new strategies and content types.


You have clear, realistic goals or you're willing to work collaboratively to discover and define them.



We discuss the project objective and scope


We send you a detailed proposal


You accept the proposal and make initial payment


We begin our research, audits and strategy development.


Audience Targeting


Content Creation. Script and Voice over.


Feedback and changes if necessary


Campaign launch


Tracking and Reporting

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