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Videos are the ultimate tool for converting better and faster. With over 5 billion views per day, YouTube is your golden ticket to unlocking an enormous audience. Our savvy team of YouTube Advertising Experts knows how to make it happen – let us show you what targeted video ads can do.

  • Generate leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Analyse competitors
  • sales
  • Performance-oriented paid social
  • Digital geeks with 10+ years’ experience

Increase Your Reach

Now’s the perfect time to get your business out there! YouTube provides a huge platform for connecting with an audience, giving you the power to reach more people than ever before. Ready, set…go conquer that potential.

Video messaging is the easily accessible, cost-effective solution to effective marketing! Not just that – a whopping 95% of people will remember your message after watching it compared to only 10% if they read about it. With video messages from us, you’ll be able to eloquently share what’s on your mind and rest assured knowing that customers can recall its importance for weeks down the line.

Focused Targeting

Need your YouTube ads seen by the right people? Look no further – Above Digital is an absolute master when it comes to targeting, helping you get maximum bang for your buck. With a variety of detailed options, we will make sure that every ad reaches its ideal audience.

YouTube provides precise targeting so you can make sure your ads reach the right people. With features like age, gender and income demographics, it’s easy to create campaigns tailored specifically for those who have generated major returns in the past.

Grow Your Brand

Forget what you think – video advertising is no longer an afterthought, but a must-have strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. A well thought out YouTube campaign can take your success to the next level.

YouTube has billions of eyes and ears eagerly absorbing content each month. Reach the viewers that make a difference to your business by leveraging YouTube Ads for maximum impact.

Youtube Ad Types

Skippable in-stream ads
Reach as many people as possible on your budget with skippable ads that run before, during or after a video plays.

Bumper ads
Highlight your most memorable messages with these quick, non-skippable ads.

Non-skippable in-stream ads
Make sure that potential customers see the full story with a non-skippable ad that plays before, during or after their video.

Reach more potential customers in a short amount of time by featuring your ad at the top of the YouTube Home feed

Video action campaigns
Reach as many people as possible on your budget with skippable ads that run before, during or after a video plays

Our Approach

• Business analysis
• Campaign strategy
• KPI and goals established
• Keyword research
• Competitor research
• Ad writing
• Tracking codes and tag manager setup
• Account creation
• Remarketing audience setup
• Live Dashboard setup

• Youtube ad campaign setup
• Choose goal
• Placement selection
• Build ad creatives
• Ad optimisation
• ROI optimisation
• Location and demographic optimisation

• Test variations
• Change underperforming creatives
• Stabilise ROAS and scale ad spend
• Audience optimisation to decrease cost per sale

• Scale revenue
• Ad variations
• CPA optimisation
• Overall account audit & recommendations
• Competitor landscape analysis
• Annual reporting
• Review business growth, KPIs and insights

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You are willing to invest and scale your strategy as needed.


You're open to testing new strategies and content types.


You have clear, realistic goals or you're willing to work collaboratively to discover and define them.



We discuss the project objective and scope


We send you a detailed proposal


You accept the proposal and make initial payment


We begin our research


Channel planning and strategy


Campaign creation


Creative and copy approvals sent to you for approval


Campaign launch

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