At Above Digital, we understand the importance of making an impression with each website. That’s why our designers use WordPress to craft every site with attention and care – so you can stand out from the crowd. Through quality over quantity, no detail is left overlooked as a boutique agency devoted to excellence.

  • Goal focused
  • Mobile first
  • Designed for marketing
  • UX web design
  • Clear calls to action
  • Digital geeks with 10+ years’ experience

Custom Designed

Struggling to make your project stand out? Let Above Digital provide the solution. Tap into our custom WordPress design and you’ll be able to deploy innovative solutions with ease; code and one of our talented experts is all it takes.

Our team are masters of crafting nothing but the finest, feature-rich WordPress websites. Not only do they look great and perform spectacularly, but our handcrafted sites have also proven to double traffic and leads for clients in under half a year.

Creating a custom WordPress website puts your business steps ahead of the rest. Not only will you have an individualised space, but it’s also highly unlikely that anyone else can replicate its unmistakable uniqueness – giving your brand recognition and setting yourself up for success in the online world.

Custom WordPress websites are highly adaptable. We can make them fit your business needs perfectly, both in terms of design and functionality.

They are SEO-friendly. Sure, you can optimise a theme-based site as well, but when you build from scratch, you can build it lean and search engine friendly. SEO is more than just keywords, it’s actually about building a site so that the crawlers can read each of your pages correctly. When it comes to scalability, custom-built websites really have the edge. As your business grows and evolves, so should your website – but you don’t need a significant investment in order for that growth be successful. Selecting the right technologies ensures that any transition can occur seamlessly.

Built for Speed

By taking a performance-based approach to your WordPress website, you could be blowing competitor sites out of the water. Your rankings with Google and organic traffic from broad keywords may become nothing more than a forgone conclusion if milliseconds are taken into account – something that can make or break success in vying for those all important top spots. Don’t let sluggish load speeds leave you struggling against competitors who didn’t think ahead.

Websites that load lightning-fast not only provide a more enjoyable user experience but are also favored by search engines. Google has even publically stated page speed is an influencing factor in their algorithms.

Design for Marketing

Design with purpose.

Our conversion focused website design, focuses on getting your website visitors to take action. Our team takes the time to listen and understand your business to determine your website goals, offer, and benefit. We then try to understand your target audience.

It is important to focus your marketing efforts on the niche people most likely to buy your product/service. After considering this niche group, we create content relevant to this group for your website.

We try to make every page a landing page that can easily guide your customers to convert. Your website will be your 24/7 salesperson.

User Experience

UX is more than the just colours and design of your site.

UX incorporates many factors, including value, usability, functionality, adaptability, navigation, and design. Each of these elements contributes to how functional your website is to users. Your ROI increases significantly when you invest in a strong, worthwhile UX strategy. Done well UX can decrease bounce rates significantly for your website.

Above Digital can ensure that your website provides a great UX for customers along with our other digital marketing solutions.

User experience has become the new standard in brand building, with users expecting an authentic and intuitive website that reflects their vision of you. Above Digital creates strategic plans such as user testing or A/B Testing which will help determine success for your site by ensuring a great UX throughout all aspects.

A few years ago it wasn’t so important but now we can no longer afford mediocre web design decisions.

Website Design Inclusions

Above Digital’s strategic website design is the fusion of your companies goals with every aspect of the design process. We don’t just simply design a user interface that looks good and is usable and accessible. We are designing an interface that will help you accomplish your companies objectives.

– User research
– Competitor analysis
– Value proposition canvas
– Digital strategy
– Content strategy and creation

Website Design

Above Digital’s design team that creates innovative, effective websites that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and maximise your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.

– Interactive wireframes
– Website design
– User engagement testing
– Brand guideline

Our Approach

We begin by performing a rigorous audit of your market space. Who is the core audience? What are their concerns and values?

Prototyping involves rapid and collaborative iteration on wireframe concepts, layouts and directions.

Once we’ve agreed on finalised prototypes the design team steps in to create high fidelity mockups of the final product.

Then we bring those mockups to life. Bring up the staging servers and code up the designs.

Finally, we go live to the world and measure the return on investment for you, with detailed analytics.

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