The Ask

Above Digital was tasked to transform an existing brand into a nation-wide industry recognised name.

Brand Strategy

Brand Design

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UX Design


Content Production

Content Strategy


Go-to-market Strategy

Website Design

User Experience

Website Development

Social Media Campaigns

Google Ad Campaigns

Print Marketing and Merchandise

Our Approach

We began with a heavy focus on user behaviour monitoring for this client, utilising click-tracing and heat map technology allowed us to study exactly how consumers interacted with the website. We then designed an enhanced user-journey based on our learning. The strategy we used was omni-channel and included Google Ads, SEO and a a unique user-generated content approach.


Organic traffic is up 600% since we began work and every keyword we have in this clients SEO strategy is in position 1,2 or 3 on Google. Within 72 hours of the new website going live we increased average session duration by 142% and within 12 months we were able to grow their social media following to over 20,000. The client has been able to roll out two more stores and is expanding at a rapid pace.